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Rewire your subconscious mind for success
using cutting-edge methodologies based in
quantum physics, neuroscience, and psychology.

Learn the keys to magnetize the life of your dreams.

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Group Programs

The Transform Transmissions

This online masterclass with Kayote will inspire, empower and guide you into a new paradigm for healing wounding patterns, shadow and trauma. Learn the key principles for why you keep encountering the same unwanted circumstances, patterns and habits in your life and receive the tools to transform them. You deserve a life in which your self worth radiates throughout your pores. HEAL is your first step on your path from pain to power.

Quantum Shift: Relationships + Communication
The Self-Love Breakthrough Mini E-Training

Learn Kayote's patented system for how to communicate anything and get your desired outcome and receive the tools to uplevel all of your relationships so the people who are meant to be in your life can fall in love with the new, transformed you instead of perceiving you as "inauthentic".

Good news, babe. If you're on the spiritual path, your relationships with yourself and others are about to get a massive makeover in this mini-training (included in FSWH).

Awaken Heal Transform

It's time to heal so you can finally step into being the ultimate version of yourself, the version of you who is flying high without all the weight and baggage. If you desire to transform into a new, more confident, more empowered, more aligned version of yourself... Look no further because this is perfect for you.

*This is a "go at your own pace" 11-module course where you receive the entire library.


If you're ready to - once and for all - have a system that works consistently and predictably for magnetizing the success you've dreamed of for so long and to feel free wild, sexy, and lit while you do it... Then this 3-month live course is perfect for you.

*This course runs LIVE twice a year and is available for purchase all year round. Click the button below to find out when the next one starts!

Heal Your Inner Child Guided Meditation Experience

This meditation is some of the most thorough inner child hypnotherapy work available for subconscious reprogramming. Heal your subconscious mind and shift your reality from the inside out through this guided interactive meditation that has changed the lives of hundreds of Kayote's clients over the years.


What my clients are saying:







Quantum Science


There's a reason my method works when others don't. It's because I teach manifestation from the perspective of
quantum science. I help people retrain their operating systems for success and long-lasting happiness.

I help them break the subconscious neural circuitry that hold them back and have them experiencing unwanted
patterns on repeat... AND we make it fun while we do it.

AND we make it fun while we do it.

The truth is you can have it all. You don't need to settle for a life that is anything short of a f*ck yes.

With me, your success is GUARANTEED if you do the work.


My Awaken framework will have you completely mind blown by what you could not see before. You will discover how your reality is created and how your human experience unfolds from a quantum, psych and neuroscientific perspective


I am an expert at healing trauma and this is the deepest work. In this stage, we use a combination of hypnotherapy, inner child work, and shadow work to undo patterns and systems that are blocking you and causing you pain.


This is where we integrate all of the work and you start to see your reality re-arrange all around you. This is the quantum manifestation component where your life finally gets to reflect your greatness.

You create your reality. Who you be, what your life is, is your choice.

If you know the rules for the game of life, you can play it to win.

I know because I'm living breathing proof: if my clients and I have all been able to go
from the bottom to the top using these methodologies, so can you.

If we can change our consciousness, we can change our lives.

What my clients are saying: