Awaken Heal

The ultimate healing course and self-love guidance system. If you're ready to step into your highest potential, this is the course for you.

3-Month, pre-recorded E-COURSE 

Go at your own pace
Leave transformed

Do you want to be the most confident version of yourself?
Do you want to fall in love with yourself inside and out?
Do you want to heal the blocks and patterns that have been repeating themselves and keeping you stuck and suffering in pain?
Do you want to learn the quantum codes to be able to effortlessly play the game of life while stepping into your highest potential you?
Are you ready to make peace with your past and let go of the hurt and shame that has been holding you back?

... If so look no further beautiful soul. Awaken Heal Transform is
the road map to the new existence that is your destiny.


Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

This course is everything it sounds like it is.
It’s the first step in doing the work. In fact, it is THE WORK.
The course has 11 beautifully created modules and bonuses, new material will be dropped every other week, and if you show up and do the work, my guarantee is that you will be healed and come out a new version of you on the other end. One that’s more confident, empowered and aligned than ever before.


The quintessential healing course and my signature method that creates the inner to outer transformation you have always been looking for.

Using shadow work, inner child work, neural reprogramming, hypnotherapy and IFS, we will be changing your life experience and karma FOREVER.

This is for everyone: trauma thrivers included. Walk away from this in your power knowing that you have entered
a new chapter of your life in which you have everything you need to manifest the life of your dreams.

Be ready to dive deep and be reborn. Goodbye low self esteem; HELLO unfuckwithable confidence and falling
madly in love with YOU 2.0.

Lifetime library access, my love. Go at your own pace.

Hi, I'm


And this is my promise to you...
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    If you have done other people’s self-love or healing courses, read all the “right” books, done “the work” and are STILL not feeling like you’ve stepped into the most lit, joyful version of yourself, this course is THE ONE. 

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    have designed a curriculum, I’m so proud to be able to say, works EVERY TIME, all the time–if you’re ready to show up fully and see your reality transform before your eyes.

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    This course and the work we do within it will be that FINAL CLICK that will help you become the woman you have always known you were meant to be, and you’ll learn how to create your life from that space and you'll learn how to manifest your dreams from that space.

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    This will take you through the deepest healing of your life, leaving you more confident, empowered, and aligned than ever, and giving you a new understanding of both yourself and your life. You will be forever changed.

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    This course holds the keys to your next chapter where you have stepped into the new you… where the confidence that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl, and the self-love you SO DESERVE, are finally at your fingertips.

All of you is safe here. I got you.

How it works

Awaken Heal Transform

This is an 11-modules, go-at-your-own-pace comprehensive course to heal the mind, body, heart,
soul + energy system using cutting-edge quantum science, psychology and neuroscience techniques. Together, we
will be changing and upleveling your belief systems so that your reality reconfigures around you.

In this course, we’ll be doing:
Shadow Work
Inner Child Work
Parts Work
(internal family systems therapy)

and the curriculum is broken down
into three components.

  • Receive a guided meditation where you’ll feel into the possibility of who you WILL be.
  • Set your compass for the life of your dreams and tune your frequency to be a match to your desires.
  • Learn what is required for you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Become empowered to make the emotional, spiritual, habitual, intellectual, and energetic shifts that are necessary for you to be the you from your dreams and manifest the life you were always meant to have.
  • Awaken to the laws of the Universe and truth of how you’ve gotten to where you are today.
  • Learn the rules in the game of life so you can play to win.
  • Identify the exact ways of being that are causing you to not be in harmonious flow with that which you are calling forth in your life.
  • Dismantle the unconscious cycles that formulate your current foundation, so you can uproot the old ways and plant upgraded systems in their place.
  • Receive the tools to become the effortless creatrix of your reality.

This is the comprehensive healing process that WILL FINALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Get ready to have your mind blown as you rewire old patterns and habits and see your life transform around you.

It doesn't matter how many healing courses you've done - this is the one. When we ran this live, we had women
who had autoimmune disorders have spontaneous remissions. Women who had been depressed their whole lives
sustain joy. Women who could not conceive get pregnant (for real).

Kayote herself came to this work through her battle with illness and massive depression. She started her healing
journey sick, broke and alone. Today, she has a life she is madly in love with and is thriving.

The contents of this course are all the tools she credits with having made the difference along her journey.




I went from having no self-esteem, struggling with depression, being bullied, not being able to keep good relationships, having a bad relationship with money and being diagnosed with chronic autoimmune Lyme disease and thyroid cancer to transforming into the person I was always meant to be.

After 2.5 years of being sick and on my deathbed, I’m healed and better than ever.
I finally love myself fully–inside and out.
I’ve created a job that I love (and get paid handsomely for it).
I have the best of friends.
I witness miracles happen to my clients every day.

Today, I can honestly say I’m living the most effortless life where I’m genuinely happy every single day. And now, after attaining a Master’s in Depth Psychology and becoming a holistic healing expert, I’m paying it forward and passing my wisdom on to YOU.

Everything I teach is based in cutting-edge quantum science, neuroscience and psychology. The contents of this course are what changed my life, and it’s the foundation for everything I am today.

My mission is to teach you how to awaken to your self-worth and activate your own personal power so you can effortlessly magnetize the life you desire.

No more hiding and toning yourself down because people said you were too much or not enough. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, my love. You are ENOUGH, and you can unlock the doors to the abundance, joy and love you deserve.

I’m your invitation to heal so you can become the master creator of your reality and not only fall in love with your life, but with yourself!


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