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Kayote Joseph is a Holistic Healing Expert and One-on-One Coach, with over a decade of experience. From performance coaching CEOs to counseling global leaders and helping trauma survivors heal, she has worked with people from all walks of life to help them become their most thriving selves.

Kayote has been called “one of the brightest up-and-coming minds in the world of psychology and personal development, employing cutting-edge methods to access the subconscious mind for lasting change.” Using research-driven methodologies rooted in neuroscience, quantum physics, and psychology, Kayote’s clients consistently report long-lasting change and inner-to-outer results.

An innovator in her space, she aims to offer a bridge between spiritual modalities and mainstream psychology. Some of the areas that she specializes in include: hypnotherapy, internal family systems therapy, astrology, shadow work, psychedelic facilitation, inner child work, and neural reprogramming.

Kayote trains and empowers clients to rewire their operating systems, working on and removing issues acquired during socialization or early childhood and creating new neural synaptic connections to resolve and remove negative thought patterns, harmful habits, and limiting beliefs.

Kayote is currently working towards a Ph.D. studying integrative healing and depth psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara.


Now, here’s my real story behind the bio…

I am a TRAUMA THRIVER. In my teens, I was diagnosed with PTSD. In my 20's, I was diagnosed with CPTSD. I was told by my therapist I was clinically depressed at age 8. I am now at a point in my life where none of these circumstances define me.

I was bullied, didn’t know my own value, and had no self-esteem as a kid. As a teenager, I was looking for love in all the wrong places and ended up putting myself in dangerous circumstances.

I just wanted to get by without actually being seen...

By the time I was in college, I was completely dependent on prescription pills to get me out of bed in the morning and get me to sleep at night. I was living completely out of alignment and it took a real toll on me.

By the time I graduated, my body basically gave out on me and I was diagnosed with chronic autoimmune Lyme disease.

Rectangle 40

I was told that I would live the rest of my life in a
wheelchair with an IV in my arm.

If I was even able to have a career, I was told it would be minimal. It ended up spreading to my brain, and during that period of seeing doctors every single day, they soon discovered that I also had stage II thyroid cancer.

I needed to get my thyroid removed, but I was only 82 lbs and basically on my deathbed.

I couldn’t get radiation. After two years of constantly being in doctor’s offices and seeing no promising results, I decided that I wanted to live my last days as a normal person and go out and have fun with my friends. If I could just get through my thyroid surgery, put on some weight, and actually do something enjoyable — that would be way better than continuing to do what I was doing. I was going to die anyway, right?

I told my doctor my plan. He told me that he was ready to help me but that there was someone I should go see first. He referred me to a holistic practitioner.

I remember getting on my knees and praying, “If I get better, I will pay it forward. If I get better, I will use what I learned to help other people.”

When I finally met the holistic practitioner, he took one look at me and said,

“Yeah… so the meds aren’t working, you’re not getting better and you’re ready to give up. You can fix this by changing your internal state.”

Suddenly, I felt a flood of warmth go through my body. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was my first intuitive experience. It didn’t make any sense at all, but I just knew I had to follow it through.

I had been sick for 2.5 years while being treated with western medicine.

Within six months of meditating for four hours a day, I was 100% healed.

My doctors said I was a medical miracle. No one believed that my meditations had cured me.

After getting better, I wanted to fulfill my promise and dedicate my life to helping other people.


My mission was born.

I started my coaching business helping other women who were sick and I began seeing miracles every day. I was helping people heal from the inside out.

Over the course of my education in attaining a Masters in Depth Psychology and becoming a holistic healing expert with over 10k hours of clinical, client and research, and field experience, I saw how all the other areas of these women’s lives were transforming — and I realized it wasn’t just about illness. It was everything.

I began using methodologies based on quantum physics, neuroscience, and psychology to help people heal and manifest the lives of their dreams.

Today, I can say I’m genuinely happy every single day. I'm so fulfilled it feels like I'm soaring and I have to pinch myself sometimes.

If I can go from having no self-esteem and being broke, depressed, and on my deathbed to loving myself fully inside and out, creating a job that I love and getting paid handsomely for it, having the best of friends, and living the most effortless life where I see miracles happen every day… then so can you.

I help you reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest the life you desire and deserve. We can all have the lives of our dreams. I am proof. If I did it, anyone can.

I live these transformations and see miracles happen every single day. Now, it’s your turn. It’s time to change your life and get your power back.

I’ll show you how.

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