The Art of Effortless Manifestation

with live monthly Q&A and coaching calls and sacred sisterhood community!

If you are ready to - once and for all -

Have a system that works consistently and predictably for magnetizing the success you’ve dreamed of for so long…

And to feel free, wild, sexy, and lit while you do it…

The Art of Effortless Manifestation

Hi, I'm


And this is my promise to you...
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    If you have done other people’s manifestation courses, read all the “right” books, done “the work” and are STILL not feeling like you’ve fully stepped into that thrive-life your soul is so longing for, this program is THE ONE.

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    I have designed a curriculum, I am so proud to be able to say, works EVERY TIME, all the time. If you’re ready to show up fully and see your reality shift before your eyes.

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    That is to say, I promise you, that this live course and the work we do within it will be that FINAL CLICK your heart has been deeply desiring.

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    This course holds the keys to your next chapter where your life FULLY works… where the success you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl, the dream life you SO DESERVE, is finally at your fingertips.

I got you.

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15 pre-recorded calls with Kai, new content dropped every other week.


Live monthly Q&A calls with a master KJI facilitator and live monthly group coaching calls with Kai!


Access to a private Whatsapp group for sisterhood/community.

The course is 8 months long &

the curriculum is broken down into three components.

  • Tune your vibration to be a match to the life you want and are magnetizing
  • Rewire your subconscious mind to clear your limiting beliefs and rid yourself of the energy blockages hindering your manifestations.
  • Master the universal laws and learn how to harness them to your advantage from a science-based perspective that yields lasting, predictable results.
  • Find where you have been getting in your own way in terms of not living the authentic truth of your heart and implement a strategy for breaking down these patterns in order to live as the ultimate you and the quantum queen that you are.
  • Get the cutting-edge knowledge that no other manifestation teacher is teaching from a standpoint of effortless femininity and pleasure while creating.
  • Add shadow work and inner child work to your toolkit to heal the barriers to entry that have been in your way of claiming your seat at the winning table.
  • End the fight-fight-freeze cycle in your physical embodiment once and for all.
  • Step into your wholeness by way of mastering the art of existential kink: own your darkness in a way that is LIGHT, FUN, and SEXY (not heavy!) and learn how to dance with your dark queen in a way that enhances magnetism.
  • Tantric pleasure practice for manifestation harnessing quantum law.
  • Learn the key neural rewiring concepts to stop numbing and start living.
  • Become the master of your own inner state to be the consistent magnetic force field for abundance, happiness, amazing sex, self-love, power, career uplevels, and overall health and radiance.

PLUS: My most important exercises to hack your reality on a daily basis so that your manifestations move toward you every single day, worksheets outlining the rules of the game of life and the laws of the universe (because when we know the rules we can play to win!)

Are you ready to stop healing and start thriving?

Are you ready to step into the full expression of your sexiness, your wildness, and your sensual embodiment?

Would you like to master the laws of the universe so you can effortlessly apply them to transform any block, materialize your dreams, and live your sexy, wild destiny?

Are you ready for a radical life upgrade in which you are radiating magnetic confidence, unshakeable empowerment, and living your life in a state of effortless flow?

Is it time to completely align your relationships, purpose, abundance, and self-love?

Do you want to learn the quantum codes to be able to effortlessly play the game of life and see CONSISTENT, PREDICTABLE feedback that you are on the right path?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
This course is everything it sounds like it is.

In other words…




I started my own journey to personal liberation and the effortless, magnetic life I live today in a very different space than the one I am in as I write this. I found my way to my spiritual path when I was 22. I was depressed, broke, and had just received a dual diagnosis of chronic autoimmune Lyme disease and thyroid cancer.

This dark night of the soul, in retrospect, was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because it changed the course of my life forever and lead me to the incredibly powerful transformation tools with which I currently create my reality (one of my dreams!), and also motivated me to create a framework for women who were not only looking to heal but to live a life full of freedom, happiness and deep, long-lasting personal empowerment.

My mission is to teach you how to effortlessly magnetize the reality you desire.

I’m here to show you that there is another way that you didn’t learn in school that doesn’t involve working really hard, the word “should” or “have to”, hustling or trading your happiness for a goal.

We live in a broken system that teaches us to focus on external accolades and buying things in order to be worthy and happy.

I’m here to disrupt that entire paradigm.

No more hiding and toning yourself down because people said you were too much or not enough.

Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with you my love. You are ENOUGH and it is time for you to unlock the doors to the abundance, joy, and love you deserve.

I’m your invitation to become radically self-liberated so you can be the master creator of your reality and literally fall in love with your life!

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No and yes 🙂 all teaching calls with Kai are pre-recorded, however there is a live monthly Q&A with a KJI master facilitator, monthly live group coaching calls with Kai and a live siterhood community!


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