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Learn the most advanced secrets when it comes to mastering the art of manifestation.
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Get real-world examples of the manifestation errors even advanced practitioners make and learn their fixes.
Receive the cutting-edge scientific information you need to finally understand how the law of attraction works and fully harness its power.
Manifestation Mastery Checklist

Kayote Joseph is a woman on a mission. At age 22, Kayote was given a devastating dual diagnosis of Chronic Autoimmune Lyme disease and Thyroid Cancer. After two years of seeing hardly any results from conventional treatment, Kayote was on her deathbed. As a “very last resort,” she consented to seeing a holistic practitioner recommended by a friend. Within six months of beginning these alternative methodologies, Kayote made a full recovery. This miraculous experience launched Kayote’s quest to pay forward the gift that saved her life: sharing cutting-edge information and research. After seven years of studying consciousness, quantum physics, and psychology, Kayote launched her private coaching practice in 2016 and has worked with 25+ clients on a one-to-one basis, teaching them how to reclaim their mental, spiritual emotional and physical health and become the empowered creators of their own realities. Kayote has a BA in writing from the University of Michigan and is currently working towards a PhD studying psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara.