Lawless Times - Food for Thought

Lawless Times – Food for Thought

It’s a lot. It’s a lot every single day. I was in a movie theater yesterday and the fire alarm went off. Heart pounding, my first thoughts were, “Has there been a shooting? Do we need to evacuate?” It was a false alarm, thank God, but I was struck by my own reaction and panic. In that one second I felt as if nowhere were safe, like a threat could present itself anywhere, at anytime. It’s how I felt after 9/11.

Moments like these remind me why it’s so freaking important to educate ourselves, to create unity where there’s been ignorance and separation. If we are uninformed, we are polarized. We cannot rise together. I agree that watching the news can be unpleasant, which is the main complaint I hear, and why I love recommending “The Skimm” ( The Skimm is a platform that sends a daily email with a summary of today’s current events. No images, just facts.

And for the moments when I want to get involved but feel unprepared or strapped for time, I go to Vice Impact (, because it lets me create change with just a click of a my mouse. You click a box and BOOM you’ve voted or signed a petition. It’s innovative and wonderful.

It feels safe to say that those fighting for the dark are quite passionate and actively fighting for their agenda. They mean business. We, on the side of the light, need to match them. For every drop of hate we have love, for every prejudice we have compassion. If you care about humanity and your planet, please consider educating yourself about what is happening in the world and finding a way to contribute that resonates with you. Every little bit makes a difference…

Love and peace y’all.