Time's Up

Time’s Up

“1 in 3 women ages 18 to 34 have been sexually harassed at work.” Yes, this has happened to me. “White women are paid 8/10ths what white men make for the same job.” Yes, this has happened to me.

Between djing and modeling I have been pushed to the near brink of insanity on this front – full of shame and fear that if I spoke up I would lose my gigs and go broke. I remember having my pay withheld until I said OK to them shorting me, giving my male counterpart the pay I had been told I was getting. My male manager said, “That’s what you signed up for sweetheart, djing is a boys club, theyre only hiring you because you’re a pretty girl anyway.” I choked back tears.

I had worked my ass off to be able to compete with those guys, to be every bit as capable as them. I still feel my stomach turn when I think about this manager, the worst chauvinist I have ever met, whose name I actually considered including in this post. But I want to be the bigger person, no further pain needs to be perpetuated. It just needs to stop.

Thank you to the women in entertainment behind the #timesup intiative: for doing something about the subjugation and oppression that is just considered “normal” in today’s world. For calling it out and highlighting how very not-okay it is, for educating us and giving us the resources to get the help we need. #timesup #timesupnow #womenhelpingwomen #metoo