One Reason Why You Aren't Happy Now

One Reason Why You Aren’t Happy Now


you may be holding onto an outdated image of how you think your life SHOULD look. ⁣

for years i believed i was meant to be a professional actress and therefore anything that wasn’t me making it on the big screen came up short. ⁣

i was so attached to this childhood dream that i had blinders on and missed amazing opportunities that i could have truly loved and enjoyed. i traded being happy NOW for the idea that i would be happy when my dream career manifested. ⁣

here’s the truth: when I was five years old, being an actress was the closest thing that I knew of to what I felt in my heart it was that I wanted to do with my life. I knew i was meant to tell stories and help people heal by letting them know they aren’t alone in what they go through.

but here’s the catch: i ATTACHED to the idea of acting, rather than to the idea of feeling like I was helping people through my self expression. i even held onto it, even after there were more aligned options available.⁣

when we attach to a specific how, we limit the universe in ways that it can deliver what it is we desire. Often, this how that we’re holding onto, is something we invented as a previous iteration of ourselves. It isn’t even the best outcome anymore, but we don’t notice because we’re holding on so tight.

is there anywhere in your life that you are holding onto a very specific outdated idea that hasn’t come to fruition yet (think career or partnership), where you might be depriving yourself of aligned awesomeness you could have and do right now? are you waiting around for your life to start when you finally get ___? ⁣

plot twist alert: the career i have now gives me all the things i had hoped acting would and a LOT more. i have ZERO feeling of having settled… the truth is, I GAINED. this is what spiritual teachers are talking about when they say “when you detach from how you think it should look you make space for something better than you can imagine.”⁣

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