If Mental Illness is the Root, Guns are the Weeds

When the head of the NRA says that gun control advocates “hate individual freedom,” I think of mourning mothers in New Jersey, grieving families in Florida. If wanting your child to have the chance to grow up makes you a freedom-hater, what does that make those in favor of wanting to give crazy people guns? Anarchists?

On the bright side, I LOVE seeing people sticking up for the little guy. I love when David gets some backup against Goliath. I got such a high reading about the companies that have withdrawn their support of the NRA: Delta, United Airlines, MetLife. Fuck yes y’all, well done.

Interestingly enough, I do agree with the pro-NRA stance that guns aren’t truly the issue, mental health is. Guns are objects. We give them meaning. But that’s all kinda idealistic given the times we are living in, right? Crazy people without guns are disenfranchised humans in need of love and rehabilitation. Crazy people with guns are DANGEROUS AS FUCK.