Shouts to all of my sisters pursuing their goals and dreams in 2018. Cheers to the women who, in the words of Maya Angelou, will not “be moved”; who will not conform or stand down to satisfy the values of an outdated patriarchal world order.

There is a spectrum indeed: in certain cultures women remain illiterate and uneducated, in others they are the legal property of their husbands. My experience in my country is one of intense pressure: pressure to express myself in a certain way (to be worthy of respect), to follow certain rules.

I must be docile, coy and agreeable but neither too quiet nor reserved. I musn’t be bold, loud, or blatantly sexy, but speak at the right times and oblige flirtation where it may yield opportunity. This catch-22 used to be maddening, but today I create my own balance. It’s about as comfortable as leaping without a net, yet far superior to staying small.

I am proud to witness the wakeup-call America has received this past year and the way it has created movement towards redefining what’s possible. And I am also aware of the fact that, no matter where one lives in the world, there are still countless more strides to make, still massive amounts of equality to be uncovered, realized, and implemented.

We are all on this journey for justice together and #internationalwomensday is here to remind us of that… Proud to be an American woman crusading for peace and truth alongside sisters across the globe today. #womensempowerment #timesup #equality #justice #womensrights #womensrightsarehumanrights #feminism #feminist #speakyourtruth