In Light of Recent Events... #newfeminism

In Light of Recent Events… #newfeminism

I feel SO lucky to be a woman in 2017. And, as headlines this week have proven, there is still a ways to go in terms of eradicating #sexism in America. Assuming that a woman is available based on her appearance is misogyny. Marginalizing, or making a move on her without her permission is a crime.

Clearly, I stand on the side of things where I won’t forsake my femininity to earn your respect. Becoming conservative and homogenizing myself would be empowering the very problem we are attempting to resolve: it would be keeping “sexy” and “self expressed” in the frowned-upon box with “slutty” and “prey.” The new feminist will not forsake herself to be accepted by an antiquated, sluggish machine that is slowly running out of fuel.

There is no question: women and men have different gifts and strengths. The shadows here are using this truth as a weapon, or pretending it doesn’t exist (akin to the “colorblind phenomenon in the racism discussion). The uplevel is embracing it with honor, reverence and respect.