This week I realized that I’d gotten sucked into an old pattern: making myself small to fit into someone else’s box. Like so many artists to come before me, I fell into the trap: I tried to be what they wanted me to be. And in doing so I became a victim of the very system my art is designed to eradicate.

“WHAT SYSTEM?” You ask.

What I’m referring to shows up differently for everyone, but here are a few hints: it’s the one that tells us how to dress and who to fuck. It often dictates what we consume and how we spend our money.

It might appear in your reality as the raspy voice behind the curtain advising you to live out your days in indentured servitude until you retire, that says “all is well in the West” as people die of addiction and gunshot wounds.

It’s that insidious OS luring people into believing that differences should be met with hatred, that authority figures with lab-coats and badges know better than we do.

For me the system has sounded like, “Don’t be too much,” “It’s unattractive for women to be outspoken. ” And so on. It’s an amalgamation of lies and illusions that keep us in bondage and to ensure we don’t disrupt.


So, here’s the deal: I SEE YOU SYSTEM. I recognize you for the fraudulent imposter that you are and I FORGIVE MYSELF for forgetting I HAVE A CHOICE and that NO professional success will EVER be worth the price of my freedom.

You’ve been outed and I won’t forget again. #GAMEOVER #thetruth #breaktherules #makeyourown