February 16th, 2018: A Note

I have been crying this morning. My heart hurts. How is it possible that a kid can go into a store and purchase a murder weapon like it’s a pack of gum?!! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT OUR CURRENT ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT SEE THIS AS A PROBLEM? It is not ENOUGH to send people prayers and condolences – WAKE UP CONGRESS! It is my job to see both sides and not have inherent biases. I don’t hate our president. I HATE THAT PEOPLE ARE DYING WHEN THEY DONT NEED TO BE. I hate that kids can’t go to school feeling safe. I hate that when the fire alarm went off at the movies I wondered if we should lay on the floor. I hate that mental illness and psychotropic drug use are at an all-time high in our country and I hate that I’m not supposed to feel this way or that “hating things” doesn’t help alleviate the hate that is the very problem.

Sorry, not sorry. It’s just where I’m at today. And for the record: the problem IS two-fold. Guns are a problem, as are the people who use them to murder good people for no good reason. But it will take a long time to reeducate a lost and hurting public. Whereas it will take no time to pass a bill making it harder for kids to purchase murder weapons.