Cryptocurrency is a hot topic among millennials at the moment. I went to a party last night and literally everyone was talking about it. Strangely, one thing I never heard my bitcoin-obsessed peers mention was this:

“But what about climate change?”

If you’re scratching your head, wondering, “What the heck does climate change have to do with cryptocurrency?”, Allow me to enlighten you.

The future of crypto and blockchain tech depends on a vital and working power grid, which in turn depends on a) a power source that is sustainable over time and b) a stable environment… One in which tornados and hurricanes aren’t consistently rendering parts of the grid sans power.

I fear for you, my tech-frenzied friends. If you are as geeky as you claim to be, you would know that these two arenas are inextricably linked… Or, should I say, you wouldn’t be so in the dark (heh).


In my opinion, the most inspiring thing on the climate change solutions horizon is a proposed reform known as the Carbon Fee and Dividend. The CFD is a policy that demands that oil companies pay a fee for the oil they extract (let’s say starting at $15/ton), and then flow the money made from the fee back to taxpayers (this is the “dividend” part). Lobbyist groups who are for the policy are constantly making trips to Capitol Hill and inviting congress to back the idea, and have actually been finding support… on both sides of party lines.

WHO THIS WOULD BENEFIT: lower income families, the environment.

WHO THIS WOULD PISS OFF: oil companies (duh).

The downside from the oil perspective – and from most everyone else’s too, eventually – is that gas prices will rise, albeit slowly according to CFD proponents. Lobbyists hope the fee will motivate the discovery and implementation of new, sustainable energy sources: their idea is that, by the time gas gets super duper pricey, we will have a new solution in place. They also claim that, if the reform were to be instated now, every taxpaying American household would make an extra 2K in 2018. Not too shabby.

More info here:


Seems like climate talk has fallen by the wayside recently. We are distracted by The Olympics, Special Agent Mueller, our Instagram feeds. I get it… climate change feels gradual in America (erm, if you don’t live in Puerto Rico), and the media is all over these other topics.

I leave you with this: If you were aboard a spaceship that was exploding, would you really care about gossip happening in the cockpit? Or would you be doing everything you could to mend the explosion, or at least trying to find an escape-pod?

I, for one, vote we save our ship.

… How else are you going to know how your ethereum shares perform in the long run?