A Note On Relationships

The problem isn’t that we attract people and partners that hurt us. The problem is that we choose to keep these people around and give them starring roles in our lives.

It’s not as if, when we feel deserving and whole, emotionally unavailable people will magically evaporate from our experience. It’s just that we will no longer feel called to give them our hearts.

We will no longer say, “Oh, you’ve never been in a monogamous relationship? Let me be the first! ” Or, “Oh, you’ve ended on bad terms with every single ex? Maybe I’ll be the one to break the chain!”

When we truly feel worthy our relationships and preferences reflect it back to us: the bad boy and the untouchable woman lose their appeal and compassion & dependability become our priority.

We then only have time for other open hearted beings – ones who recognize our value and choose and cherish us day in and day out. In fact, we will settle for nothing less. End of story.